The Weekend Rent: Angelina Jolie Must-Sees

The Weekend Rent: Angelina Jolie Must-Sees

Jul 23, 2010

The question this weekend at theaters is: "Who is Salt?" The answer is: Angelina Jolie's answer to Jason Bourne. Jolie kicks ass as CIA agent Evelyn Salt who may or may not be a Russian double agent, but who is definitely deadly either way. Here are five of our favorite Angie rents to see before or after you catch Salt at the theater.

Wanted Jolie plays Fox, a professional assassin who can bend the direction of a bullet. Fox is part of a secret ancient society called the Fraternity, even though she is clearly not a brother. She helps a jaded office worker (James McAvoy) reclaim his birthright by training him in the ways of the Fraternity. Jolie has said that she based her character on Clint Eastwood, and it shows.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith In this action movie where Jolie met and ultimately stole Brad Pitt's attention, the two play a seemingly normal married couple except—unbeknownst to each other—they are secretly assassins for different agencies. When they are each given orders to take the other one out, the two discover more about themselves than they ever did during their years of marriage. At this point it's clear that Jolie knows her way around a firearm on-screen, and her chemistry with the future father of her children shows that Jennifer Aniston never had a prayer.

Hackers Jolie stars as Kate "Acid Burn" Libby, a bad-girl hacker who engages in hack attacks with Jolie's first husband, Jonny Lee Miller, who plays a brilliant convicted hacker. This 1995 film proved to be the first breakout role for a young Jolie and the one that demonstrated that she is equally comfortable playing tough as she is landing her leading man.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider In this movie and its sequel, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Jolie plays the titular adventurer—a member of an aristocratic British family who will risk life and limb in her pursuit of collecting ancient artifacts. She was and is the perfect choice to bring the popular video game heroine to life.

Gone in 60 Seconds The title refers to how quickly the vehicles disappear when retired master car thief Memphis (Nicolas Cage) is forced to steal 50 sweet rides for a British crime boss. Jolie plays Sara "Sway" Wayland—Memphis's badass ex-girlfriend who is a renegade white-haired mechanic by day and a bartender by night—who gets recruited by Memphis to get the engines (and viewers) revving.

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