Weekend Chatter: What Did You Think of 'Green Lantern'?

Weekend Chatter: What Did You Think of 'Green Lantern'?

Jun 17, 2011

There's an oath, a ring, a green dude and a whole bunch of space play, and after years of waiting for Green Lantern to finally get the ridiculous blockbuster budget it so rightfully deserves, it lands in theaters this weekend with Ryan Reynolds as the star. So far fans and critics are mixed, with critics handing it a 23% Rotten rating over at Rotten Tomatoes (worst rating for a comic book movie this summer), while audiences seemed to dig it (74% Fresh).

Where do you come in? Was Green Lantern the big-screen space fantasy you had always hoped and dreamed for, or did it come up short in its story, characters, action scenes ... effects? Are critics being too harsh on the fun, summer superhero flick, or should we expect more from a film whose budget is said to be somewhere near $300 million? We're curious to hear what you have to say about this, and where you'd fit it not just among this summer's movies, but among the recent crop of superhero movies in general.

Sound off below ... we'll be here all weekend.


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