The Week in Original Content: Marvel vs. DC, 'Avengers' and 'Buffy' Similarities, 'Dark Shadows' Review and More

The Week in Original Content: Marvel vs. DC, 'Avengers' and 'Buffy' Similarities, 'Dark Shadows' Review and More

May 11, 2012

Monday, May 7

The Geek Debate: Marvel vs. DC, Who Has the Better Film Future? by Jeffrey Taylor

Five '60s Sci-Fi TV Shows That Should Be Movies by Peter Martin

Movies Chat: Guest Todd Gilchrist, on How 'The Avengers' Success Could Change the Way Hollywood Makes Movies by Erik Davis

Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me: 'Gremlins 2' on Blu, 'Underworld Awakening,' 'Mother's Day,' and More by Peter Hall

The Conversation: Which of the Avengers in the Movie Was Most Satisfying and Which Was Most Disappointing? by Christopher Campbell


Tuesday, May 8

Movies Chat: Guest Anne Thompson, on What Kind of Movie 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Could (and Should) Be by Erik Davis

The VOD Report: Robert Pattinson Seduces in 'Bel Ami'; Watch Liam Neeson in 'The Grey' Before Disc by Robert B. DeSalvo

When Can I Watch 'Edward Scissorhands' With My Kids? by Sean O'Connell

Dialogue: Josh Trank on How the '90s and Having Nothing to Lose Influenced 'Chronicle' by Peter Hall


Wednesday, May 9

Movies Chat: Guest Scott Weinberg, on Our Favorite Summer of Movies Ever by Erik Davis

Short Rounds: The Top Ten Shorts of All Time (Not Really) by Daniel Walber

‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: Dream Casting ‘Catching Fire’ by Perri Nemiroff

The Fine Line of Repetition: 'Buffy' Dressed Up in 'Avengers' Clothing by Monika Bartyzel


Thursday, May 10

Delusions of Grandeur: Your Favorite Movie Isn’t the Best One Ever Made by Todd Gilchrist

The Last Sci-Fi Blog: What Can We Expect From 'Men in Black 3'? by Jacob S. Hall

Discuss: What Movie Characters Would You Like to See in a "Sort-Of Sequel"? by Christopher Campbell

Girls on Film: Actresses Trapped in Bland Monotony by Monika Bartyzel

'Dark Shadows' Guest Review: 'Muddled Shadows' is More Like It by Sean O'Connell


Friday, May 11

Dialogue: Eva Green, on Being Shy, Her Inner 'Dark Shadows,' and Kissing Johnny Depp by Elisa Osegueda

Trailer Truth: Do the Ads Help or Hurt 'Dark Shadows' by Jeff Bayer

Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Celebrating Article #50 with ‘The Dictator,’ ‘This Is 40’ and ‘Argo’ by Perri Nemiroff

The Weekend Rent: The Weird Wonders of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton by Robert B. DeSalvo

The Best New Sci-Fi Classics, Volume 1 by Scott Weinberg

Cine Latino: ‘Girl in Progress’ Eva Mendes on Stereotypes, and Her Co-Star Eugenio Derbez Spills the Beans on Their Deleted Love Scene by Elisa Osegueda

Dialogue: Seth Grahame-Smith Dishes on ‘Dark Shadows,’ ‘Beetlejuice 2,’ ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ and ‘Night of the Living’ by Elisa Osegueda

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