The Week in Original Content: 48 Columns, Features and Reviews

The Week in Original Content: 48 Columns, Features and Reviews

Sep 18, 2011

Sunday August 11th:

God Bless America

'Take This Waltz' TIFF Review: There's No Perfect Romance for Michelle Williams in Sarah Polley's Latest by Monika Bartyzel

'God Bless America' TIFF Review: Bobcat Goldthwait Goes Off On a Hilarious Cinematic Rant with This Pitch Black Comedy by Christopher Campbell

'Wuthering Heights' TIFF Review: Andrea Arnold's Take Emphasizes Darkness Over Romance by Monika Bartyzel

Toronto 2011 in 60 Seconds: Comparing Keira Knightley, Female Filmmakers, New Deal Pending by Peter Martin


Monday, September 12th

Friends With Kids

'Friends with Kids' TIFF Review: Jennifer Westfeldt Offers Great Rom-Com Laughs in Her Directorial Debut by Monika Bartyzel

Monday Morning Review: 'Warrior' is More Than a Testosterone Delivery System for Meatheads by Eric D. Snider

8 Great...Weapons the Movies Taught Us to Always Keep Handy by Perri Nemiroff

'Albert Nobbs' TIFF Review: Glenn Close is Front-and-Center and Powerful Once Again by Monika Bartyzel

See/Learn: What 'Starship Troopers' Power Armor Suits Might Look Like / Why the Movie Didn't Use Them by Peter Hall

Watch: 'Madso's War' Gets Sexy in This Exclusive Clip by Peter Hall

'The Hobbit' Countdown: How Excited Are Fans for the Films? We Found Out Firsthand by Larry D. Curtis

Toronto 2011 in 60 Seconds: After-Party Glow, Two Reviews, One Trailer, and "A Very Naked Festival" by Peter Martin

What the Hell is 'Creature' Anyway?!? by Scott Weinberg


Tuesday, September 13th


'Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope' TIFF Review: Morgan Spurlock's Documentary is a Delight for Fans and Non-Fans Alike by Christopher Campbell

Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me: 'Star Wars: The Complete Saga' on Blu-ray, 'Thor' and 'Spartacus: Gods of the Arena' by RobertB. DeSalvo

Things That Happen in Movies That Never Happen in Real Life by

When Can I Watch 'Spellbound' With My Kids? by Sean O'Connell

The Most Appropriately Hilarious and Ridiculously Bad Haircuts on Film by Perri Nemiroff

'Drive' Soundtrack Collaborator Johnny Jewel To Score Refn's 'Logan's Run' Remake (Exclusive) by Todd Gilchrist

'Superman: The Man of Steel' Countdown: Past is Present by Jeffrey Taylor

Toronto 2011 in 60 Seconds: Madonna's Volunteergate, Deals Fall Into Place, Tweeting Joy and Discontent by Peter Martin


Wednesday, September 14th

Ten Year

The Sorry State of Orson Welles on DVD by Jeffrey M. Anderson

TIFF Dialogue: Chloe Moretz on the Controversial 'Hick' and Upcoming 'Hugo,' 'Dark Shadows' and 'Kick-Ass 2' by Fred Topel

'Moneyball' TIFF Review: Like a Home Run By Barry Bonds Playing Tee-Ball by Christopher Campbell

An Open Letter to the Cast and Crew of 'The Hunger Games' Regarding How to Not Mess This Up by Gaby Dunn

DVD Obscura: Rosebud, Blu-ray by Alonso Duralde

Short Rounds: They Make Shorts in Canada, Eh? by Daniel Walber

'Ten Year' TIFF Review: A Bloated Cast Overshadows Charming Moments by Monika Bartyzel

Indie Insights: Sexy Funny 'Happy, Happy,'  Romantic and 'Restless,' Kevin Hart Banks on Laughter by Peter Martin

Toronto 2011 in 60 Seconds: Nic Cage and the Naked Man, Chloe Moretz Has No Regrets and Tweets, Marketplace Warms Up by Peter Martin


Thursday, September 15th

The Raid

'Twixt' TIFF Review: Francis Ford Coppola's Latest is Part 3D, Part Vampire Movie, All Disappointment by Christopher Campbell

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Countdown: The Trailer Review by Laura Byrne-Cristiano

'The Raid' TIFF Review: All Action, All the Time by Christopher Campbell

Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Keeping It Real Pays Off For 'Moneyball' and 'The Descendants' by Perri Nemiroff

Dialogue: Ryan Gosling on Emotional Filmmaking, Eliminating Dialogue and Becoming a Werewolf for 'Drive' by Todd Gilchrist

Raising a Cinephile: Don’t Bite Your Friends & Other Lessons I Learned From 'Yo Gabba Gabba' by Scott Neumyer

Girls on Film: We Need to Talk About Lynne Ramsay by Monika Bartyzel

Toronto 2011 in 60 Seconds: Maggie Gyllenhaal Talks Vibrators, Two More Deals, and Apocalyptic Needs by Peter Martin


Friday, September 16th

Lovely Molly

Industry Spotlight: What is Craft Service? by Andrew Goldfarb

Cine Latino: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Young Talent Living 'La Vida Loca' by Elisa Osegueda

The Weekend Rent: Go Gaga for Ryan Gosling by Robert B. DeSavlo

On the CIA and Their Strangely Open Relationship With Hollywood by Peter Hall

The Schmoes Know Movie Show: This Week,Drive and the Movies' Best Car Chases by

'Lovely Molly' TIFF Review: 'Blair Witch' Co-Director Eduardo Sanchez Plays With and Evolves From the Style He Popularized by Christopher Campbell

One Year Ago: Catching Up with 'The Town,' 'Easy A,' and More by Eric D. Snider


Saturday, September 17th

Jeff Who Lives at Home

Toronto 2011 in 60 Seconds: Busy Jessica Chastain Signs Autographs, 'Oranges' Picked Up, Roundups Begin by Peter Martin

'Jeff, Who Lives at Home' TIFF Review: Jason Segel + Duplass Brothers = A Wildly Funny Quest for Meaning by Monika Bartyzel

'Hysteria' TIFF Review: Tanya Wexler's Successful Mixture of Laughter, History, and Feminism by Monika Bartyzel

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