The Week in Original Content: 26 Columns and Features

The Week in Original Content: 26 Columns and Features

Aug 13, 2011

Monday, August 8th

The Avengers

8 Great...'Final Destination' Kills by Perri Nemiroff

'Battleship' Set Visit: Director Peter Berg, on Filming on Water and--What About That Line? by Sacie Hougland

'The Avengers' Countdown: Let's Get More Women in 'The Avengers 2' by John Gholson

Criterion Corner #8: The Musicals That Could Save The Genre by David Ehrlich


Tuesday, August 9th


Our Favorite Speeches: 'Beautiful Girls' by Rick Marshall

When Can I Watch 'Lucas' With My Kids? by Sean O'Connell

Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me: 'Mars Needs Moms' and 'Paul' Needs Friends by Robert B. DeSalvo

'Final Destination 5': Win Stuff! by

Dialogue: Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari talk '30 Minutes or Less,' 'Lethal Weapon' and ... 'Tango & Cash'? by Sean O'Connell

Dialogue: Simon Pegg on 'Paul', Sequels, Keeping Secrets and His Cinematic Obsessions by Robert B. DeSalvo


Wednesday, August 10th

Revenge of the Electric car

Exclusive Poster Premiere: Kevin Spacey's 'Father of Invention' by Mike Bracken

‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: What To Watch While You Wait by Perri Nemiroff

Fan Rant: Why Even Call it 'World War Z' at This Point? by Peter Hall

Doc Talk: Is Sequelitis Spreading to Documentaries? by Christopher Campbell

Indie Insights: Dane Cook 'Answers to Nothing,' Bronx Family Troubles in 'Gun Hill Road,' Stranded in 'Littlerock' (Trailer) by Peter Martin

Thirty Years Later: The Summer Movie Season of 1981 by Scott Weinberg


Thursday, August 11th


Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: All Hail Miles Fisher by Perri Nemiroff

'The Dark Knight Rises' Countdown: Summer Snow and Cat Burglars by Chris Clow

The Last Horror Blog: Run for Your Lives by Peter Hall

9 Ideas for the Next Great 'Final Destination' Opening Disaster by Perri Nemiroff


Friday, August 12th

Animal Kingdom

Our Favorite Cameos: Tony Todd in ‘Final Destination’ by Perri Nemiroff

Off Screen: Hellboy's Future Comes to a Close by John Gholson

Cine Latino: ‘Colombiana’ Star Zoe Saldana Graces the Cover of Latina Magazine, Reveals Post-Avatar Emotional Breakdown by Elisa Osegueda

One Year Later: Catching Up with 'The Expendables,' Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' and More by Eric D. Snider

The Weekend Rent: All Aboard for a 'Final Destination' Marathon by Robert B. DeSalvo

International Trailer Domination Tour: The World's a Sexy Place by Todd Brown

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