The Week in Movie News: Here's What You Need to Know

The Week in Movie News: Here's What You Need to Know

Jul 14, 2017

Need a quick recap on the past week in movie news? Here are the highlights:


Quentin Tarantino has a surprising new project: Quentin Tarantino's next movie will be about the Manson Family murders, and word has it he's looking at Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Samuel L. Jackson and Margot Robbie to star, the last as slain actress Sharon Tate. Read more here.



Joe Pesci joins Martin Scorsese's The Irishman: Martin Scorsese's next gangster movie, The Irishman, is turning out to be a Raging Bull-Goodfellas-Casino reunion as Joe Pesci has joined the cast, which already includes Robert De Niro. Meanwhile, Harvey Keitel, who starred with De Niro in Mean Streets and Taxi Driver, is in talks, as are Al Pacino, Bobby Cannavale and Ray Romano Read more here and here.



New photos from the most anticipated movies: Ahead of Comic-Con, a lot of movies have been sharing first look images and new photos with Entertainment Weekly, including Ready Player OneA Wrinkle in Time and Tomb Raider. See and read more here and here and here.



Christopher Nolan on Steven Spielberg's influence on DunkirkWe talked to Christopher Nolan about his new movie Dunkirk and how he was loaned Steven Spielberg's own print of Saving Private Ryan for initial inspiration. Read all about it here.



Gary Oldman is Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour: If you're hoping Gary Oldman gets an Oscar one day, you'll want to see his good prospects on display in Darkest Hour, in which he nearly unrecognizably portrays iconic British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Watch it here:


Gerard Butler is A Family Man: In the upcoming A Family Man, Gerard Butler plays an overworked guy who finally makes some time for his loved ones when his son becomes sick. Check out the trailer here:


Pilgrimage shows a very different side of Tom Holland: Now that he's a big star as Spider-Man, Tom Holland gets to show his more dramatic side in movies like Pilgrimage, which also stars Jon Bernthal and Richard Armitage. Watch its first trailer below. 




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