Weak Iron Man? Plus Ozzy Biopic, Anchorman 2 and Train Your Dragon Stuff

Weak Iron Man? Plus Ozzy Biopic, Anchorman 2 and Train Your Dragon Stuff

Apr 27, 2010

  •  Weak Iron Man Word is Jon Favreau won’t be involved in Iron Man 3, which is several years down the road. If early boo!s buzz is to be believed, that may be a good thing.
  •  Quick, Someone Call PETA Speaking of “Iron Man,” how come nobody thought of making a movie about Black Sabbath onetime front man Ozzy Osbourne’s wild life before? No word on casting (wife Sharon thinks it will be an unknown), but the guy better not be afraid to bite heads off small animals and snort ants.
  •  Anchorman 2 Yadda Yadda They’ve been hemming and hawing about a sequel to this 2004 movie for years now, and director Adam McKay tells MTV it’s now just a budget thing. Problem is, Anchorman did OK in theaters, not great, but Land of the Lost did worse. Way worse.
  •  Not Dragon Their Feet After a slow-ish start in theaters, How To Train Your Dragon found its wings and soared to a $180 million (and climbing) take at the box office, which means Dreamworks will bring us a movie sequel in 2013, a TV show, a live arena show and a virtual “world” online.

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