Watch/Play: StateFarm's Giant Robot Attacks Your Neighborhood in This Inventive Viral Ad

Watch/Play: StateFarm's Giant Robot Attacks Your Neighborhood in This Inventive Viral Ad

Oct 05, 2011

Maybe this isn't exactly movie related, but it involves a giant robot attacking a neighborhood, and that's basically every other movie that hit theaters this year, so ... deal. For whatever reason, the insurance companies like Geico and State Farm always have the best TV ads. They're the most inventive; the ones people talk about -- and they're sometimes so addictive (and popular) they actually become television shows (that suck). State Farm's "State of Chaos" campaign has been floating around for a couple of months now, and it smartly plays off the always-popular apocalyptic genre by terrorizing a neighborhood via a giant robot that looks like a cross between the power loader from Aliens and one of the robots from Portal 2.

It's a cool ad, and after a summer full of blockbusters (that featured giant robots) and crazy storms (that featured giant robot-sized damage) it's an ad that's pretty relatable for a lot of people. The campaign also features a viral site -- aptly named State of Chaos -- that takes it all one step further by tapping into our warped desire to see what it would look like if our own house was destroyed by a giant robot like in the movies (or the TV commercial). Using Google Maps (and your last name and address), it creates a little mini movie about a giant robot that wreaks havoc on your neighborhood, and eventually your house. Then State Farm gives you the option of sending the video to a friend or speaking to an agent about how much giant robot insurance costs (among other things), and while I'm personally not signing up, this almost makes me want to for some bizarre reason.

Check it out for yourself and watch the TV spot below.

[via AdWeek, via @juliaroy]

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