Watch/Participate: Ask Darth Vader Anything

Watch/Participate: Ask Darth Vader Anything

Aug 23, 2011

As part of the marketing push for the upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray set, they've opened up a section of the official site where you can ask Darth Vader anything and receive Magic 8 Ball-esque answers in return. When we asked Vader whether he felt the earthquake that rocked the East Coast this afternoon, the Sith Lord responded, "You cannot escape your fate." Well alright then.

Click on over to check it out. We admit it'll keep you busy for all of about three minutes as you try to come up with the most asinine questions for Vader in the hopes of cycling through all his fairly bland Force-related answers. Enjoy. Oh, and the Blu-ray hits shelves on September 12th. 

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