Watch/Look/Learn: Green Lantern Tutorial, Mystique Gets Naked and Greatest Movie Viral of 2011 So Far

Watch/Look/Learn: Green Lantern Tutorial, Mystique Gets Naked and Greatest Movie Viral of 2011 So Far

Jun 02, 2011


One of the things I preached about when the Green Lantern movie was first announced was that Warner Bros. would have to do one helluva job educating the average moviegoer (and non Lantern fanatic) about the world of the Green Lanterns and the mythology behind the film. I'm happy to report that the studio has done that times ten, with each new piece of marketing not only serving its purpose as something that gets you excited about the movie, but also helping to teach those unfamiliar moviegoers all about the Green Lantern universe. Those teachings continue with a new behind-the-scenes Facebook video that really delves further into the mythology through interviews with the cast and voiceovers that explain more about the world, the characters and the iconic oath. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.



One thing they want you to know about X-Men: First Class is that while the film is dominated by strong male roles (especially for James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Kevin Bacon), there definitely are some women to be found ... and sexy women at that. I'm not sure what exactly it says about this film that all the major females appear half-naked throughout, but I'm sure there are some out there who certainly don't mind. Neither does 20th Century Fox, who have used the half-nakedness of First Class as a tool to promote the movie. Case in point: This newly released image of Jennifer Lawrence hanging around in Mystique's birthday suit. This should wake you up. LOOK AT MORE SEXY X-MEN: FIRST CLASS IMAGES HERE.



Back to Green Lantern, and one of the coolest viral campaigns of 2011. Each fan has their own way of learning about a new film. They'll either keep it simple by watching a couple of trailers, or really dive into the world by following along with the film's viral campaign. Not all movies have nerdy viral campaigns, mind you, only the really nerdy ones, especially those related to comics. And if you're looking to check out one of these viral campaigns for yourself, might we suggest the one Warners has set up for Green Lantern.

One of the characters in the film (and in the DC universe) is Dr. Amanda Waller (played by Angela Bassett in the movie). The viral campaign revolves around Waller and a team of amateur UK astronomers who have asked her for access to data from the very real Spitzer Space Telescope so they can further investigate anomalies they've been discovering in the night sky.

The cool thing about this campaign is that the Spitzer telescope is real, the images they give you access to are real images, and you could actually have a real impact in furthering space discovery. According to Boing Boing, "Warner have formed a partnership with Galaxy Zoo, an Oxford University project which enlists citizen scientists to help examine some of the huge quantities of images of the universe which modern telescopes are recording, but which computers find difficult to analyse. Everyone who plays the game online is making a real contribution to the Milky Way Project, which is working towards identifying images which show the birth of stars - which by happy coincidence show up as spectacular green rings in space. Anyone who wants to have a go at the tool without getting involved in the story can access it direct at"

How's that for a nerdy viral campaign? Learn about Green Lantern and help identify brand new stars at the same time! Good on you Warners ... LEARN MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

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