Watch/Listen/Learn: Meltdown, Book of Mormon and IKEA Manuals for Sci-Fi Movies

Watch/Listen/Learn: Meltdown, Book of Mormon and IKEA Manuals for Sci-Fi Movies

May 11, 2011

Welcome to Watch/Listen/Learn, a new feature here at that should be pretty self-explanatory.

Watch: Meltdown, a short film by Dave Green

Though it's not the first short film to be told from the point of view of the contents of someone's refrigerator, it's definitely one of the most creative and entertaining. Case in point: David Cross voices a ham sandwich.

In this short from director Dave Green, the content's of an older couple's refrigerator (vegetables, condiments, leftovers, etc ...) take it upon themselves to save the day when it becomes so overly cold that their fellow fridge friends begin to get trapped in the ice build-up. WATCH IT HERE.

Listen: The Book of Mormon Broadway Musical Cast Recording

Ever since The Book of Mormon premiered on Broadway earlier this year it's received nothing but amazing positive buzz (that I can totally vouch for having seen it). It's almost guaranteed to sweep the upcoming Tony Awards, and it's only a matter of time before creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone (of South Park fame) adapt it into a movie. While I'd suggest waiting until you can hear it and see it, those who can't get to NYC anytime soon may want to close your eyes and prepare to laugh your ass off. LISTEN HERE.

Learn: IKEA Manuals for Sci-Fi Movies

The thing I love about IKEA furniture is that they create their manuals in a way that afford any moron who sucks at putting stuff together the opportunity to do a wonderful job pretending they're actually someone who knows how to put stuff together.

Over at College Humor, they've posted IKEA manuals related to classic sci-fi movies. Like how to accidentally invent time travel via Back to the Future, or how to bring dinosaurs back to life via Jurassic Park (my personal favorite; see below). LEARN MORE HERE.

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