Watch/Listen: Daniel Radcliffe's New 'Woman in Black' Trailer and Cameron Crowe's Mixtape for Matt Damon

Watch/Listen: Daniel Radcliffe's New 'Woman in Black' Trailer and Cameron Crowe's Mixtape for Matt Damon

Nov 22, 2011

Watch: The first teaser trailer for Hammer Films' The Woman in Black was an atmospheric and stately clip that gave us a sense of the small, coastal town that young lawyer Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) arrives at to settle the affairs of a deceased, elderly woman. The next trailer that popped up proved that Hammer went for the jump scares and ramped up the action — but most of the quiet, chilling specter was lost. This new, third trailer, however, appears to be a happy medium.

While the Harry Potter actor races to uncover the dark secrets of the English village, a mysterious woman keeps appearing in the mansion he has come to work in. As The Playlist points out, the film has the potential to stand out amongst the normally mediocre offerings that plague the winter movie season. Hammer's last effort, The Resident, didn't fare so well, but Let Me In — their remake of the Swedish horror hit Let the Right One In, performed much better than expected. Hammer's history with gothic ghost stories is their legacy, and hopefully The Woman in Black can help bring the studio further into the 21st supernatural century. Watch the clip below, and let us know what you think.



Listen: It's hard to imagine a Cameron Crowe film without a standout soundtrack. "In Your Eyes" will forever be linked to Say Anything, and that's just one of many movies the director has made more memorable with a really great song. Crowe might be the mixtape maestro of the universe. He actually created one for actor Matt Damon when trying to convince him to star in the upcoming We Bought a Zoo — which finds the Bourne Ultimatum actor as a widower trying to hold his family together. 

Cameron handed the actor a mixtape, the script, and a copy of the 1983 film Local Hero. Damon listened to the playlist while jogging. "I kind of finished that run and went, 'That's a really good feeling,'" he said. Our pals at JoBlo [via THR] have shared the playlist Cameron put together for Damon, and it's a mix of some classic tracks and much more. My Morning Jacket, Pearl Jam, Wilco, and Neil Young all make an appearance. Catch a preview below and then head to JoBlo for the rest. Would this convince you to star in a Cameron Crowe movie?




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