Watch/Laugh: Bridesmaids Outtakes, Between Two Ferns with Will Ferrell

Watch/Laugh: Bridesmaids Outtakes, Between Two Ferns with Will Ferrell

May 26, 2011

Still can't get enough of Bridesmaids? Want to see how much really goes into discovering the perfect (and memorable) line of raunchy, foul-mouthed comedic dialogue? A new hilarious outtake video for Bridesmaids has premiered over at Funny or Die, featuring a whole mess of scenes where the characters just spewed out funny line after funny line all in an effort to get the best (and funniest) take. Watching stuff like this, we don't envy director Paul Feig's job at all seeing how tough it must be to weed through one hilarious take after another and then somehow settle on the line that works best. Obviously it was difficult -- and obviously they left a lot on the cutting room floor -- hence this video and how awesome it is. All we have is one question: Who wants to sleep with Jon Hamm after watching this? Watch the Bridesmaids Outtakes Here.

Meanwhile, Funny or Die is on a roll today, premiering the next installment in Zack Galfianakis' oddly entertaining interview series, Between Two Ferns. This time his guest is Will Ferrell, and, as Ferrell likes to do when he's just improvising with another male comedian, there is some male-on-male making out that takes place. Both videos are indeed linked to one another, though you'll have to discover how for yourself. Watch Between Two Ferns with Will Ferrell Here.

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