Watch: Woody Allen's Hilarious Version of 'The Wolverine'

Watch: Woody Allen's Hilarious Version of 'The Wolverine'

Aug 05, 2013


Step aside Hugh Jackman, there's a new Wolverine in town. The clawed and coiffed character made a return in James Mangold's film The Wolverine last month, but a new version of the lone wolf has appeared in a trailer featuring comedian Ben Stadler as Woody Allen with the winged hairstyle and razor-sharp mitts.

The X-Men figure has been transformed into a neurotic "mutant Jew" who suffers from anxiety thanks to his retractable claws that pop up at inappropriate times. He's in love with Rogue, but he's afraid if he kisses her, she'll take over his life, memories and consciousness. (She totally will.) YouTube's Official Comedy created the video of the indestructible and insecure alt Wolverine. 

Let it be known that on Allen's list of the greatest films of all time, Wolverine doesn't appear. If you want to get philosophical, the spirit of the honorable and brave X-men figure can be found in several of Allen's picks — some that use the heroic trope in fascinating ways, like Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon or Stanley Kubrick's Paths of Glory

Behold more maladjusted mutant action in the clip below.


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