Watch: Willie Nelson's Hilarious Audition Tape for 'The Hobbit'

Watch: Willie Nelson's Hilarious Audition Tape for 'The Hobbit'

Apr 30, 2013

Happy birthday, Willie Nelson! The 80-year-old country music legend and Farm Aid cocreator has appeared in over 30 films, but he just made a pitch—via Team Coco—to play the greatest wizard there ever was (not including Tim Curry in The Worst Witch): Gandalf the Great. In his marijuana-induced haze, Nelson reached out to director Peter Jackson asking to don the wizard cape and hat for The Hobbit.
The second installment in Jackson's trilogy is due out December 13, so there's still time for the director to make a few casting additions if Nelson's plea sways him. Maybe Ian McKellen's character needs an older, wilder brother? Check out Nelson's minute-long, pot-friendly pitch. It brings new meaning to the word "Smaug." [via Cinephilia and Beyond]

Warning: this video is NSFW

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