Watch: Whitney Houston Shines in 'Sparkle' Trailer; Katy Perry Teases in 'Part of Me 3D' Clip

Watch: Whitney Houston Shines in 'Sparkle' Trailer; Katy Perry Teases in 'Part of Me 3D' Clip

Apr 02, 2012

Whitney Houston in Sparkle

It’s a musical Monday as we bring you new clips from Katy Perry’s 3D concert movie and the trailer for Sparkle – the late Whitney Houston’s last film.

We suspect that audiences would have probably checked out Sparkle even if it wasn't Whitney Houston’s last film – it features an intriguing cast (including Jordin Sparks in a leading role) and the tale of a young unknown becoming famous and navigating the perilous waters of the music industry is essentially timeless. It’s a film that probably would have stood on its own merits – but now that it’s become the last film in the tragic life of Whitney Houston, we suspect it will draw in even larger audiences hoping to get one last glimpse of pop music royalty.

To capitalize on that desire, the new theatrical trailer for Sparkle (courtesy of Yahoo! Movies) features Houston fairly prominently even though she’s only a supporting character. While the trailer hits all the notes you’d expect from this sort of material and looks fairly faithful to the 1976 film that inspired it, it’s Houston who’s most captivating in the clip. Don’t just take our word for it, though – check it out below.

Sparkle is set to open theatrically on August 17th.

If that’s not enough music for one afternoon, we’ve got you covered.

Katy Perry is set to follow the path set by Justin Bieber and release her very own 3D concert film – Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D.

The songstress officially announced the project this weekend at Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards, and now we’ve got your first glimpse of what to expect when the film opens on the 4th of July weekend.

Part of Me 3D isn’t likely to appeal to those of us who’ve already decided we’re not fans of Perry’s brand of bubblegum pop, but will certainly please to her legions of loyal fans. It has the daunting task of opening against Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man, but we suspect the pop diva will hold her own against the web-slinger.

Have a peek at the brief clip below. 

[via ScreenCrush]

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