Watch What Happens When One Guy Shows His Mom 'The Matrix'

Watch What Happens When One Guy Shows His Mom 'The Matrix'

May 01, 2013

YouTube video maker Joe Nicolosi is back with a new clip that is sure to please fans who loved The Matrix. Okay, maybe "please" isn’t the right word – but it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

Nicolosi animates while his mother narrates the tale of Neo, and naturally Mom’s take on the source material differs ever so slightly from that of the Wachowskis. For example, did you know that Laurence Fishburne’s character’s name was Moshimo? How about the fact that Neo sometimes goes by the name Leo? It’s enough to make you wonder if Joe’s mom was watching one of those cheap foreign knockoff versions of The Matrix…

Check out the video below – and kudos to Nicolosi’s mother for being such a good sport. I think all of us who love films can probably relate. Lord knows I’ve heard my mother attempt to recount plot details from movies we’ve just watched and wondered if we were actually seeing the same thing on numerous occasions.

[via YouTube]

BONUS: Here's another great, now Internet-classic video by Nicolosi that he made as a bumper to play before SXSW Film Festival movies in 2011.


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