Watch the Vin Diesel-Directed 'Fast and Furious' Movie That Sets Up a 'Furious 7' Scene

Watch the Vin Diesel-Directed 'Fast and Furious' Movie That Sets Up a 'Furious 7' Scene

Apr 07, 2015

Did you know there are nine Fast and Furious movies? Yes, the latest is titled Furious 7, so we can see where that might be confusing, but in addition to the theatrical features there are two shorts. One of them is titled Turbo-Charged Prelude and bridges the first and second movies. The other is Los Bandoleros, which is set just before the events of the fourth movie, Fast & Furious. Chronologically, though, it's sort of a bridge between the first movie and the fourth. Are you still with me?

The 18-minute film (which is also sometimes labeled Fast & Furious 3.5: Los Bandoleros and has been previously available as a bonus feature on the Fast & Furious DVD) brings together the new crew of Dom (Vin Diesel), Han (Sung Kang), Rico (Don Omar), Cara (Mirtha Michelle) and Leo (Tego Calderon), who they have to bust out of prison, plus Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), as they learn of an opportunity to hijack the gasoline shipment seen at the start of Fast & Furious.

What's important now is that Los Bandoleros is also tied into events of Furious 7. Don't read ahead if you haven't seen the new movie yet, as the connection involves SPOILERS.


Those flashbacks at the end of Furious 7 where Letty finally kicks her amnesia and remembers that she and Dom got married are a call back to the couple's time in the Dominican Republic. The short doesn't depict that big life event, but we can assume it happened after Letty shows up and finds Dom flanked by two "skanks." The scenes that follow their reunion even seem like honeymoon moments. Or they're at least romantic rekindling scenes that lead up to the wedding.

Los Bandoleros, which you can watch in full above thanks to its posting to Vimeo by editor Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez, is co-written and directed by Diesel, his first effort behind the camera since his 1997 feature Strays. His partner on the script was T.J. Mancini, who was a producer on Strays and later wrote Sidney Lumet's Find Me Guilty, which starred Diesel.


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