Watch Vice's Cool New Video Series Exploring Obscure, Outsider Filmmakers

Watch Vice's Cool New Video Series Exploring Obscure, Outsider Filmmakers

May 05, 2016

Miami Connection

Making movies sucks. That's the truth people in the film industry so rarely talk about. Sure, if you're making a $200 million movie, life's probably not that bad. Stressful, sure (that's a lot of pressure), but at that level you've got a pretty good assurance that at the very least people will some day see your movie. That's not the case in independent film. People can toil away for years and years working on a movie. They can pour their heart and soul into it and drain their bank accounts and lose friends and loved ones in the process, and then end up with a movie no one ever sees.

It happens far, far more often than most people will ever realize. But now, thanks to a new series at Vice, hopefully some of these unheralded filmmakers will finally get their time in the spotlight. The documentary series is called Outsiders and it's all about filmmakers who make truly unique movies wholly outside of the mainstream. It promises to explore what makes these filmmakers tick, what happened to their movies, and where they are now. The first movie getting the spotlight is the unbelievably entertaining Miami Connection.

You may have already seen this long lost '80s martial arts gem that was recently given the shot at life it so richly deserved thanks to Drafthouse Films. You've probably laughed at some of the bad acting in it. You may have turned one of its amazing songs into a ringtone. But if you want to get a glimpse of the real story behind it and the remarkable martial arts master who made it, watch this first episode of Outsiders. It's not just a fun look back at a crazy movie, but it's a wonderful, touching look into the lives of artists who go completely undiscovered.


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