Watch an Unofficial James Bond Movie From the Producer of That 'Power/Rangers' Short

Watch an Unofficial James Bond Movie From the Producer of That 'Power/Rangers' Short

Mar 23, 2015

If you enjoyed the gritty Power Rangers movie that caused some controversy regarding its legality this week, now it's time to become familiar with more of Adi Shankar's productions. We don't mean his commercial Hollywood features, like Lone Survivor. The Grey and Killing Them Softly, although those are recommended, too. We mean his other "Bootleg Universe" one-shot films, of which Power/Rangers was the latest.

Maybe you're already familiar with his first one, 2012's The Punisher: Dirty Laundry, which brought Thomas Jane back as the Marvel Comics antihero. He also made one for the Spider-Man villain Venom and last year produced an animated Judge Dredd web series, which wasn't tied in any way to Dredd, the official comic book adaptation he worked on.

The latest one-shot is James Bond: In Service of Nothing. Written and directed by Tyler Gibb, it's an animated look at how Sean Connery's 007 would fit into today's world. First we see an action sequence of that 1960s era Bond in his own time. Then it cuts decades ahead to the present, when the character is balding, paying for sex and taking on assignments that a teenager (like the one in Kingsman: The Secret Service?) could accomplish.

"I always wondered what would happen to James Bond in his old age and in our borderless world," Kahn says in an explanation of the short. "I'm not referring to the Bond we've seen in recent films, that incarnation is closer to Jason Bourne meets Batman. I'm referring to the swanky, alcoholic, serial killer with mommy issues that we saw in films like Dr. No and Goldfinger. How would he find a sense of purpose in a self absorbed and impersonal modern world once his license to kill has been revoked?"

Rendered to play as a "pre-visualization motion storyboard," James Bond: In Service of Nothing will have you wishing Connery himself would come out of retirement to star in a live-action version. Enjoy what we've got for now and dream:




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