Watch: Two Videos Chronicle Everything That Influenced George Lucas and 'Star Wars'

Watch: Two Videos Chronicle Everything That Influenced George Lucas and 'Star Wars'

May 29, 2014

Watch this fascinating seven-minute history about the influence of renowned director Akira Kurosawa and his stunning samurai film Hidden Fortress on George Lucas and Star Wars. CineFix takes us through an illustrated timeline, starting with Kurosawa’s childhood, during which he was enamored with American Westerns and silent films, leading to the visual and narrative parallels with Lucas’ science fiction universe.

Find out which Kurosawa characters inspired the figures in Lucas’ space opera, where the name “Jedi” comes from, what Kurosawa movie influenced the Star Wars cantina scene, and more. Greatest history lesson ever. [Spotted via Kottke]

And for more on the melting pot of influences that shaped Lucas’ iconic film, check out this analysis of the sources that led to the creation of Star Wars. The video comes from author Michael Heilemann and is a companion project linked to his ebook Kitbashed that explores everything Lucas.

“The book is in the final stages of writing and editing, and covers everything from the earliest parts of Lucas's career up to and including the release of Star Wars,” Heilemann writes on his website. “It charts the development of themes, motifs and aesthetics through the people, films, comics and books Lucas was exposed to during these years and contrary to most sources on this subject, makes extensive use of sources to back up its claims.” 




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