Watch: Trailer for 'Rewind This,' a Documentary About the VHS Revolution

Watch: Trailer for 'Rewind This,' a Documentary About the VHS Revolution

Jan 10, 2012

If you're over the age of, say, 10, you no doubt have fond memories of stalking the isles of your local video store and picking up big, bulky VHS clamshell cases. That's not an assumption, it's a fact. VHS may have fallen victim to the rise of DVD years ago, but we should never forget what those not-so-little tapes that gave us the magical ability to watch our favorite movies at home once meant to not only us film lovers, but a global film industry and a new age of media consumption. If the rise of DVD and now Blu-ray have caused you to forget about the glory of VHS, don't worry, the first trailer for Rewind This! is here to remind you.

Rewind This! is actually a documentary-in-progress and its trio of filmmakers (Josh Johnson, Carolee Mitchell, and Christopher Palmer) need your support to cross the finish line. Over the past two years, IPF productions has traveled city-to-city in North America gathering well over 60 hours of footage chronicling the rise of the video store from the point of view of the men and women who made the the VHS era as important as it was, but now they're turning their sights on even larger game. In order to truly be, in their own words, "the definitive account of the home video revolution and a showcase of its continuing legacy," the gang will be heading to Japan, the birthplace of home video technology. After that it's on to the wonderful and time-swallowing world of post-production to put it all together and hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, land the film on a store shelf near you.

If that looks like something you'd enjoy, please do head over to the Rewind This! KickStarter page and pledge whatever amount you see fit.

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