Watch: Trailer for 'Hostel: Part III' in Vegas

Watch: Trailer for 'Hostel: Part III' in Vegas

Oct 17, 2011

Remember a great little movie from the late '80s called Intruder that starred Sam Raimi and took place in a supermarket? It's a delightfully bloody and claustrophobic affair that is compellingly shot. Scott Spiegel directed the film, and his latest project — Hostel 3 — has a newly released trailer. Judging from the direct-to-DVD's teaser, everything that made the first two Hostel films intriguing and not purely "torture porn" — a label that sadly many relegated the movies to — is gone. 

Elite Hunting has taken over Vegas in the new installment — in case the stripper's ass jiggling in your face didn't give that away. Four friends at a bachelor party are seduced by sexy escorts to join them at a private party beyond the Strip. There, they are taken hostage and become part of a sadistic show.
All the sexual panic, layers of characterization, and commentary about American culture from Roth's films are lacking here. Our only hope is that Spiegel injects something unique into the mix, because it'd be a shame to watch this franchise sink completely.


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