Watch Tom Cruise Perform His Own Insane 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' Stunts

Watch Tom Cruise Perform His Own Insane 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' Stunts

Oct 26, 2011

Say what you want about Tom Cruise and his beliefs, his off-screen conduct, and his various love affairs, but when it comes to making a big action movie there is no other actor who takes it as seriously as Cruise. He is a maniac; one who throws everything he's got at the role, insisting on doing his own stunts so that a) he can become one with the character he's playing, and b) so that he can look like a total badass. And that's awesome. The man is a complete entertainer, and while he definitely takes risks with his work, it almost always pays off on the big screen because not many actors are as charismatic and ballsy as this man.

His behind-the-scenes Mission Impossible videos are always a treat to watch, with the first one delivering exactly what we've come to expect from the risk taker. The previous Mission Impossible featured videos of Cruise running at over 20mph, and now this latest one -- for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol -- has him leaping around on the side of the world's tallest building in Dubai. It's an insane video, and to think that Cruise is doing this all himself just makes you respect his talent even more. You could probably count on one hand the number of A-list actors who would risk their lives on a stunt like this, and while this doesn't necessarily make Cruise a better actor for it, knowing he performed all this himself kinda makes for a better moviegoing experience for the viewer (or at least for this viewer).

This entire stunt was shot in IMAX, too, so prepare yourselves for what looks to be one of the most exciting action sequences of the year come this December.

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