Watch This Teacher Use 'The King's Speech' to Change One Student's Life Forever

Watch This Teacher Use 'The King's Speech' to Change One Student's Life Forever

Dec 20, 2013

You hear a lot of bad things about how movies influence people – violent films inspire school shootings and the like – so it’s always sweet when we can provide proof of the opposite. The following video does just that. Get your tissues ready because it’s about to get a little dusty in here.

Musharaf Asghar attends school at the Thornhill Academy in England. He appears to be just another young adult getting ready to move on with the next phase of his life – until he opens his mouth. Asghar is afficted with a truly debilitating stutter that makes communicating an exercise in frustration. Asked to read a poem aloud in the clip below, Asghar can’t even get the first word out. It’s really heartbreaking to watch.

However, teacher Matthew Burton decides to try an experiment. Having recently seen Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech, Burton asks Asghar to read the poem while wearing earbuds playing music. The results are astonishing – the young man overcomes the worst of his stammer and is able to actually read the poem out loud.

Inspired by his progress, Asghar then asks to read a prepared statement in front of 200 of his classmates – and many of them wind up moved to tears by the touching moment. See it for yourself below.

As for Asghar, he tells The Guardian of his progress since the video was made:

“But I’m really happy and proud to be on telly as I hope it gives other people with a stammer the confidence to have a go at public speaking. My speech is getting better every week. Everyone at college gives me time, but I’m getting quicker anyway so they don’t miss their bus while they are listening to me. I still won’t be applying for any call-centre jobs yet though.” 

Not getting a call-center job might the best thing that ever happened to you, Asghar – trust us on this one.

[via Open Culture

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