Watch: This Freaky Stephen King 'Twilight Zone' Episode Will Soon Become a Movie

Watch: This Freaky Stephen King 'Twilight Zone' Episode Will Soon Become a Movie

Oct 26, 2012

Jason Blum film producerJason Blum has got a case of Stephen King fever – which is great news for horror fans.

We reported last week that the producer had scored the rights to adapt King’s The Breathing Method (the last unfilmed story from the author’s novella collection Different Seasons) and today brings news that he’s also landed the rights to “Gramma” – one of the short stories featured in King's collection Skeleton Crew.

The story will be retitled Mercy, after one of the story’s central characters. The tale revolves around two young boys who go with their mother to take care of their senile grandmother – only to learn she’s a witch.

A Haunting in Connecticut filmmaker Peter Cornwell will direct based off a script provided by 1408 screenwriter Matt Greenberg. A.I.’s Frances O’Connor is set to star.

This feature-length version will mark the second time the story has been adapted. The tale made its debut on the small screen back in 1986 as part of The New Twilight Zone, with the amazing Harlan Ellison handling the writing duties. You can watch it below.


Blum continues to have the hot hand when it comes to horror (he was involved with both Paranormal Activity 4 and Sinister) and has a first-look deal in place with Universal when it comes to low-budget genre offerings. Horror fans should be pleased – so far, it looks like Blum has pretty good taste when it comes to genre fare.

[via Variety]

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