Watch This Fascinating Documentary on the Lost Films of Stanley Kubrick

Watch This Fascinating Documentary on the Lost Films of Stanley Kubrick

Jun 30, 2014


The great Stanley Kubrick’s work has seen a renaissance in recent years, with the major retrospective at LACMA and more. We could write volumes about our appreciation for Kubrick’s body of work, but one thing that often gets discussed when it comes to the meticulous filmmaker is his unfinished projects. It’s crushing to realize the films Kubrick might have finished in his lifetime had he survived.

In his 45-year career, Kubrick made only a dozen films due to his perfectionism and knack for obsessive detail, but the director had at least five feature films in various states of progress and a number of unreleased screenplays. Those works are touched upon in the 20-minute documentary Lost Kubrick: The Unfinished Films of Stanley Kubrick.


Featuring collaborators like  Jack Nicholson and Sidney Pollack, w e learn that Kubrick described the unfinished biopic about French military and political leader Napoleon as having battle scenes as violent ballets, and there was going to be plenty of sex to go along with the bloodshed. And you won't believe who was set to play the titular military leader.

As Kubrick enlisted the help of the Romanian army for his 50,000-man strong battle scenes, we also discover that he had paper costumes created for the background actors in order to save money. Sadly, MGM canceled the project since money was the greatest hurdle. Filming on location in France was just too expensive, and the commercial failure of Bondarchuk's Waterloo (another Napoleon epic) didn’t sweeten the pot for the studio.

Find out more fascinating details about Kubrick’s lost films, above.

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