Watch This Fake Trailer for a Violent and Dirty 'Home Alone' Sequel

Watch This Fake Trailer for a Violent and Dirty 'Home Alone' Sequel

Dec 20, 2012


We've seen Hollywood execs make a lot of terrible decisions lately. I don't think we've recovered from the recent straight-to-DVD release of A Christmas Story 2, for example, which takes place six years after the first film. Someone paid for that movie with their soul. With that in mind, we watched a trailer for Home Alone (with a Vengeance) and with mouths agape, we truly believed someone out there gave a movie about an adult Kevin McCallister the green light. Yes, the film is clearly over the top, but just enough so that we were convinced a producer was shilling for his final paycheck before the bank foreclosed on his house.

The clip comes from comedy filmmaking group Boo Ya Pictures. They recently spoofed This Is 40 (their version is for octogenarians, This Is 80), which would have been a dead giveaway had we seen their past projects before watching the new clip. Good work, friends! See a married and miserable Kevin spend his home alone time watching porn, shoveling junk food down his throat, and battling Harry and Marv recently released from prison. Does it seem that unlikely someone would actually make this thing?


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