Watch This Awesome Fan-Made 'Batman vs. the Terminator' Trailer

Watch This Awesome Fan-Made 'Batman vs. the Terminator' Trailer

Aug 07, 2013

Batman vs. The TerminatorBatman’s faced a lot of great enemies over the years – from the Joker and the rest of his Rogue’s Gallery to Dracula himself -- but nothing could have prepared him for his latest challenge in this new fan-made piece of animation. The Dark Knight squares off against a Terminator in the aptly titled Batman vs. the Terminator .

Animator Mitchell Hammond has been working on this project by himself since way back in 2010, which makes it even more impressive. Batman winds up in a future after Judgment Day, with an armored APC-type vehicle, and he takes on what appears to be a platoon of T-800s threatening a team of humans.

The clip has no dialogue (but it does feature a version of the iconic Terminator score), but that actually works to its advantage. Trying to get someone to voice Batman is pretty challenging if you want it done right. Although maybe Hammond can get Christian Bale to do Batman and John Connor’s voice at a discounted rate.

According to the YouTube description, we can expect a full short film later this year. Until then, enjoy the trailer.

[via Film School Rejects]


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