Watch: Are These the 100 Most Iconic Shots in Movie History?

Watch: Are These the 100 Most Iconic Shots in Movie History?

Sep 03, 2014

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Film is a visual medium, so it makes sense that cinema history is filled with countless unforgettable shots and sequences. The folks over at CineFix tackled the unenviable task of trying to cull over a century’s worth of the stunning sequences down to a measly 100 that comprise the greatest of all time. Interestingly enough, the video that is the fruit of their labor proves they basically nailed the assignment. No small feat, given the sheer number of potential candidates.

Iconic shots are essentially the ones everyone thinks of when a particular film is mentioned – like Jack Nicholson yelling “Here’s Johnny!” as he sticks his face through the gaping hole in the bathroom door in Kubrick’s The Shining, or Indiana Jones staying one step ahead of a careening boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Even if you haven’t seen the films in question, odds are you know the shots. They’ve transcended their respective films and become something instantly recognizable to anyone with even a passing knowledge of popular culture.

Arguably the coolest thing about the video is that it really covers a wide range of titles. The Internet tends to have a short memory when it comes to pop culture, focusing almost fetishistically on films from the 1980s forward. This list certainly pays homage to the films that have become classics during our lifetime, but it’s not afraid of going back to the days of the silents to give those films their due as well.

If you love cinema, and you’ve got five minutes to spare, have a look at the video above. See how many of the films you can name on the first run through – I’m guessing you’ll get a lot of them even if you haven’t seen them before – and then check out the annotated version to see what you missed.

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