Watch the Test Scene that Helped Get 'Chronicle' Made

Watch the Test Scene that Helped Get 'Chronicle' Made

May 15, 2012

Chronicle still photo

Chronicle, Josh Trank’s found footage film about some super-powered teens with less than noble intentions, hits DVD and Blu-ray today – and in celebration, we’re sharing this cool behind-the-scenes look at a test shot from the film courtesy of MTV.

Trank reveals that Chronicle was in development for six months before any sort of decision to greenlight it was official. The last selling point was to shoot a scene from the script, with real actors, apparently to show just what Trank intended to do with Max Landis’ story. The result is the scene below – clearly, the folks at 20th Century Fox were impressed.

The footage featured in the clip showcases not only the scene that Trank and his crew shot – which was filmed in a day and then prepped for the executives – but also features commentary from the director on how the effects were achieved (the maple syrup Jesus was CGI, while the moving spoon was done with a stick offscreen) and what he was looking to achieve in the shots.

Check out the footage for yourself and see what you think – then swing by MTV, where Trank talks about his vision and the plusses and minuses of working within the found footage format. You can also read our interview with Trank right here.

Chronicle is available on DVD and Blu-ray at retailers today.

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