Watch: Terrence Malick Goes Dancing

Watch: Terrence Malick Goes Dancing

Nov 19, 2012

Few directors are as elusive and mysterious as Terrence Malick, which is why movie geeks get excited whenever there are photographs of him at work because any tiny glimpse into his world brings us one step closer to understanding his art and the man behind it. Images and video of Malick when he's not making a movie, however, are just as valuable -- it's almost like watching nature photographers freak out after discovering some thought-to-be-extinct bird calmly sitting on a tree branch.

So this video of Malick dancing in the wild is rare, sure, but it's also a good way to start off a holiday week full of celebration.

After six years off, Malick is currently in the middle of a moment of inspiration. His The Tree of Life came out last year, and the man is working on another four movies, one of which -- To the Wonder -- will arrive early next year. [via The Playlist]

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