Watch: Terrence Malick Directs Christian Bale in Mysterious Music Fest Movie

Watch: Terrence Malick Directs Christian Bale in Mysterious Music Fest Movie

Sep 19, 2011

Christian Bale and Terrence Malick at ACL music fest

Director Terrence Malick and actors Christian Bale and Haley Bennett were at the Austin City Limits Music Festival this weekend, and they were working on some new super secret project that has the Internet movie geek community all atwitter.

According to sources at the festival, Malick was shooting a project during the event in which Bale, dressed in all black, wanders around while bands like Arcade Fire play in the background. Then things got even more interesting when The Batman took to the stage and played the bongos with Fleet Foxes. Unlike Matthew McConaughey’s bongo escapade of a few years back, Bale kept his clothes on during his stage performance…

Speculation is running rampant as to just what the notoriously secretive Malick is shooting. IndieWire wonders if it’s a new take on the Jerry Lee Lewis story, Great Balls of Fire (Malick wrote a script for that film – which was much darker than the finished project according to those who have read it), or if it’s some kind of offshoot of that idea. Knowing Malick, it could be literally anything. Just because they were shooting at a music fest doesn’t automatically mean it’s a music movie, after all. Maybe Bale’s a grief counselor (who likes to wear all black) who takes Bennett’s character to a music festival to help her realize life goes on, or maybe they’re characters on a date – the possibilities are literally endless.

What’s cooler than playing “guess what all of this means” is simply seeing Malick at work. It’s fascinating to see a filmmaker of Malick’s caliber practicing his craft in the open, where people with cellphone cameras and the like can actually capture footage of him working. Seeing Malick “in the wild” is kinda like catching Stanley Kubrick filming on location – it offers a rare glimpse at how a master craftsman creates his art.

Check out some of the footage below – which is very cool, except that we can’t hear what Malick and Bale are discussing because the music is too loud. When word breaks on what, exactly, Malick is working on, you’ll read about it here. 

CB @aclfestival shooting Terrence Malick film by falcounderground

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