Watch: Sushi Fights Back in 'Dead Sushi,' Willem Dafoe Faces the End of the World and 'The Raid' US Trailer

Watch: Sushi Fights Back in 'Dead Sushi,' Willem Dafoe Faces the End of the World and 'The Raid' US Trailer

Feb 24, 2012

Willem Dafoe is facing the end yet again. This time he's trading the "Antichrist" for the true apocalypse in Abel Ferrara's 4:44 Last Day on Earth. The Bad Lieutenant director takes a look at what would happen if everyone knew the world was ending. Shanyn Leigh and Dafoe play a couple in love, living in the city. She's a painter and he's an actor, but it won't matter soon as they prepare for their fate and the end of the world. Boardwalk Empire's Paz de la Huerta and Natasha Lyonne also star in the film that hits theaters and On Demand March 23.



Machine Girl director Noboru Iguchi may be jumping the shark with Dead Sushi, but the horror cult director's ridiculous exploitation flick looks like a fun midnight movie regardless. There's a whole lot of sushi action, sushi erotica, and sushi violence in the new trailer we're previewing below. Characters like "high kick girl" (Rina Takeda) are thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. Per usual, Iguchi isn't shy about the red stuff, so expect a lot of mouth horror as people ingest spiky sushi nibbles that stretch their face Hellraiser-style and more. Bon appétit! [via Twitch] NSFW



Already being called one of the best action movies in years, Indonesian martial arts film The Raid has a new U.S. trailer. An elite task force descends on a mob-ruled tenement, set to take down a ruthless drug lord and his team of thugs. Incredible fight choreography ensues. There's already talk about a Hollywood remake, and there's a sequel underway — being dubbed Berandal for now. The movie would reunite star Iko Uwais and director Gareth Edwards. You can get up to speed on part two via the project's Facebook page. The Raid just played at Sundance and heads to Australia and New Zealand next, but we'll be seeing it in North America on March 23. If you don't know the name Iko Uwais, start memorizing it now. See what we mean below.


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