Watch Superman Rescue Lois Lane in New 'Man of Steel' Footage

Watch Superman Rescue Lois Lane in New 'Man of Steel' Footage

May 10, 2013

From what we've seen so far in the marketing materials for Man of Steel, the National Guard play a pretty pivotal role in both assisting and also capturing Superman, as seen from the shots of military men and women escorting a handcuffed superhero. In conjunction with this partnership between the film and the real-life heroes of the National Guard, Zack Snyder directed these special in-theater promos that mix footage from Man of Steel with a nod to the ordinary men and women who take on extraordinary tasks as members of the National Guard.

Some of this footage is just an extension of what we've seen previously, though we don't remember the above scene where Superman (Henry Cavill) rescues Lois Lane (Amy Adams) from some kind of explosive disaster. That moment comes in at around the 28-second mark, but the entire thing is well worth watching. 

And here's a new UK TV spot:

And here's an additional behind-the-scenes video on the making of these in-theater spots. See Superman and the National Guard on the big screen when Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14.


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