Watch: A Supercut of Cheesy Computer Hacking in '80s Movies

Watch: A Supercut of Cheesy Computer Hacking in '80s Movies

Jul 25, 2014

The folks behind the movie, culture, clothing website Found Item Clothing have created a supercut that any leet haxor can appreciate. Technology is improving daily, and this video flashback to the ‘80s shows just how far we’ve come. Here are the most iconic and ridiculous instances of computer hacking in the movie realm. If it ain’t neon, flashing, and set to a synth score, you won’t find it here.

Think of the Frankenstein-inspired scene in Weird Science where Gary and Wyatt create their dream woman (3D breasts!). Or how about the sentient computer in Electric Dreams, Edgar, who hacks angrily into every possible aspect of Miles’ life, somehow? These are just two examples of the incomprehensible wizardry rampant amongst Hollywood visions of computer technology. In the ‘80s, when tech was new, overwhelming and still largely uncharted territory, computers clearly equaled... God (or the deity of your choosing).

Dig into some past iterations of hacker insanity, and get your MS-DOS on with this fun supercut.

List of Movies:

Real Genius
War Games
Superman 3
Revenge of the Nerds
Weird Science
Blade Runner
Never Say Never Again
Jumping Jack Flash
Electric Dreams
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Prince of Darkness
Spies Like Us
Cloak & Dagger




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