Watch the Super Mario Bros. Trailer Everyone Keeps Cheering for at SXSW

Watch the Super Mario Bros. Trailer Everyone Keeps Cheering for at SXSW

Mar 12, 2013

One of the things that makes the SXSW Film Festival unique are its hilarious short video bumpers that screen before films and are usually directed by filmmakers who have a movie playing at that year's fest. However, in honor of the fest's 20th anniversary, this year they decided not to introduce any new bumpers and instead have been doing a "greatest hits" sorta thing with it, replaying those bumpers that have since gone on to become fan favorites.

Having already seen several of them, there's one that's getting all the applause: Joe Nicolosi's Mario. It debuted at the 2011 festival (and you may have seen it being passed around online during that time), and essentially it reimagines the Super Mario Bros. story as a gritty indie about drug abuse and stalking your ex-girlfriend. 

Those looking to experience a taste of what's entertaining everyone in Austin this week can watch (or rewatch) Mario below (applause optional).

Bonus: Here's one more from 2011 called The Line that's getting a lot of love whenever it hits the screen. It pokes fun at the fact that much of your time at the film festival will be spent hanging out in line with other movie nerds. 


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