Watch: Steven Spielberg Responds to a Fan's Touching Animated Tribute

Watch: Steven Spielberg Responds to a Fan's Touching Animated Tribute

Mar 06, 2013

Young writer and artist Krishna Bala Shenoi, who also happens to be Roger Ebert's correspondent in India, created a video tribute for his hero since childhood, director Steven Spielberg. The animated work took four months to create. Shenoi admits he was inexperienced with animation when he started the project inspired by his favorite director, but the results are quite nice and very touching.

"This was made simply as a salute to Spielberg, the man and the filmmaker, who has inspired me profoundly over the last decade, ever since I started watching movies, and who has affected not only the way I view film, but the way I view art (I was going to say 'life itself,' but even I think that may be a bit too much.)," Shenoi wrote in a letter to accompany his film. "I've tried to write about my appreciation of this great filmmaker before, but somehow, that wasn't enough. And so instead, I'd like to think this tribute conveys my admiration for him, perhaps, better than any words I can muster."

The one-minute clip is a nice little overview of Spielberg's greatest hits, including the recently released Lincoln. The coolest part about Shenoi's experience with the video is that Spielberg himself gave it a watch and wrote a personal note of thanks to Shenoi praising the work. Okay everyone, let's all go make movies about our favorite directors and stalk our mailboxes like mad.


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