Watch: Steven Spielberg, Angelina Jolie, and Duncan Jones Talk About Making Movies

Watch: Steven Spielberg, Angelina Jolie, and Duncan Jones Talk About Making Movies

Nov 29, 2011

It’s easy to forget that making movies is a lot of hard work – filmmakers in Hollywood and around the globe do an incredible job in making the act of creating realistic illusions seem incredibly simple. The reality is that there’s a great deal of work and effort involved in making a feature length film – and sometimes hearing directors talk at length about how they managed to make the movies we love is every bit as interesting as the films themselves.

With awards season right around the corner, lots of filmmakers are talking about their projects in depth – and we’ve rounded up three great pieces that highlight what goes into making movies and how talented and dedicated filmmakers are.

First up, director Steven Spielberg recently took part in an online chat with fans around the globe to discuss his new feature War Horse. Early buzz for the film already has it pegged as an Oscar contender and a worthy companion piece to the novel and stage play that inspired it. Spielberg is always fun to listen to as he’s clearly passionate about making movies – even four decades after he started his career.

Check out this clip of some of the chat’s best moments, wherein Spielberg talks about his goals for the film (he wanted to be sure that no horses were hurt during filming), how he decided on star Jeremy Irvine, and what his relationship with composer John Williams is like after all these years. [via GeekTyrant]

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Actress Angelina Jolie is set to make her directorial debut with the upcoming release of In the Land of Blood and Honey, and she recently spent time with 60 Minutes to talk about her life and her new feature. Jolie often gets a lot of weird press, but the 60 Minutes interview shows she’s not only lovely looking, but quite smart, talented, and dedicated to humanitarian causes – making her far more interesting than most of our modern box office idols.

The film, which is about the war in Bosnia, isn’t exactly light. The production was denounced by Bosnian women, who found the idea of a love story set inside a prison insulting given how many women were raped by their captors in those same settings. Jolie seems sympathetic to the concerns, but reminds us that the film is a movie and not a documentary.

In the rest of the clip, Jolie invariably discusses her thoughts on her fame (she finds it shallow), her bizarre past behavior, and whether she would prefer to act or direct. It’s a captivating (albeit guarded) look at one of our biggest celebrities. [via GeekTyrant]

Director Duncan Jones blew us all away with his film Moon, so when the director turned up for a screening at the New Beverly in LA recently, naturally the conversation drifted toward the possibilities of a Moon sequel. Jones answered the question – and the results are both surprising and exciting.

Bleeding Cool was nice enough to share a recorded segment of the Q&A (it's a lengthy 47 minutes), which you can view below in order to find out what Jones has in store for the world of Moon.

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