Watch Steve Jobs Introduce the First Computer-Generated Feature-Length Motion Picture

Watch Steve Jobs Introduce the First Computer-Generated Feature-Length Motion Picture

Jan 02, 2013


With a full slate of Pixar animated features set to release in the coming years, including 2013's Monsters University, and all the chatter about The Hobbit's high frame rate, we sometimes take for granted the incredible technology pioneered by companies like Pixar and Weta. A set of videos on Cartoon Brew has humbled us, however.

A few months before Pixar's landmark Toy Story was released, Steve Jobs spoke at the SIGGRAPH conference and played film professor for a day, giving a concise overview of film technology history. He also introduced a clip of Toy Story and several exciting facts about the feel-good movie. After explaining the importance of everything from Snow White to Terminator 2 in terms of tech advancement, Jobs introduced the 1995 film featuring a group of anthropomorphic children's playthings. Jobs emphasized the scope of the advanced animation techniques, reminding audiences that Toy Story is the first completely computer-generated feature-length motion picture.

When comparing the movie to Jurassic Park, Jobs tells us that the dino flick contains about five-and-a-half-minutes worth of frames with computer synthetic elements, while Toy Story has about 79-minutes worth. Here are some other unbelievable specs Jobs shares about Toy Story. The film has:

-- 114,000 frames

-- 1,600 different shots

-- 400+ models

-- 160 billion pixels

-- 600 billion bytes of information (it would take over 1,000 CD-ROMs to hold the data)

-- 10-person years worth of modeling invested in creating the characters

-- 34 terabytes worth of files were used to render the film

-- 800,000 machine hours were spent rendering the movie

-- Woody's character has 723 animation control points (with 212 on the face and 58 on the mouth)

Watch the clips to get a feel for the buzz in the air, and get geeky warm fuzzies when you see Jobs smile after he asks the audience if they want to take a look at a clip from the movie. He beams like a proud papa.


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