Watch: Steve Carell's 'Back to the Future'-esque Sketch Comedy from 1991

Watch: Steve Carell's 'Back to the Future'-esque Sketch Comedy from 1991

Nov 20, 2012

Steve Carell's first legitimate on-screen credit came on the sketch-comedy special Life As We Know It!, which was a 1991 TV special that featured random funny bits performed by a group of Second City improv comedians that included Ryan Stiles, Brad Sherwood and Carell, who wouldn't catch his big break until 12 years later when he costarred in 2003's Bruce Almighty.

The TV special isn't very funny, but Carell does star in one bit that's fairly charming and worth watching for fans of amusing time-travel stories. Written by David Fury, who would later go on to work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24, Lost, Fringe and more, the sketch follows a man who travels back in time to warn a girl not to go on a date with him because it'll only end up with them suffering through a miserable divorce.

Watch it below, then remind yourself that it took another 12 years for Hollywood to finally start paying attention to Carell, eventually transforming him into one of today's biggest stars.

[via Buzzfeed]

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