Watch Sigourney Weaver Battle Aliens in Neill Blomkamp's New Short Film

Watch Sigourney Weaver Battle Aliens in Neill Blomkamp's New Short Film

Jun 16, 2017

After two Alien prequels without Sigourney Weaver, you know you're ready to see her fighting some more nasties from outer space. So check out the first film from Neill Blomkamp's new shorts project via Oats Studios. Titled Rakka, the 21-minute sci-fi movie features Weaver as one a group of human survivors fighting a resistance against crocodile-like alien invaders. The creatures have destroyed much of the world with their terraforming and wiped out our population by using us as surrogate incubators for alien young.

The premise sounds like a mix between Alien and The Matrix with a good helping of The Terminator but with that movie's robot takeover exchanged for telekinetic, mind-controlling and brain-bludgeoning lizard overlords. The persistent narration from Carly Pope as one of the other survivors sounds a lot like Linda Hamilton's in the Terminator movies. Of course, this is Blomkamp, so there's also definitely comparison to be made to his Best Picture nominee District 9.

Watch it here:

What Rakka doesn't have is any of Blomkamp's own signature robots, the likes of which can be found in most of his earlier short films made prior to District 9 and in his last feature, Chappie. The negative response to that movie by critics and audiences alike probably led the filmmaker to leave sentient machines out of this one. Regardless, it's an impressive work for its size, particularly with the special effects. Those aliens, called Klum, are pretty terrifying. 

Weaver was also in Chappie and was supposed to reteam with Blomkamp for an Alien sequel, but that's been canceled. So, there's this reunion instead, along with Eugene Khumbanyiwa, who was in Chappie and District 9 and plays the experimented-upon Amir in the short. Another of the characters is played by Alec Gillis, Oscar-nominated visual effects artist who worked on Aliens and Alien 3Rakka was cowritten by Blomkamp and sci-fi author Thomas Sweterlitsch, a name we'll be hearing more about soon enough.

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