Watch a Short History of Abandoned Movie Sets

Watch a Short History of Abandoned Movie Sets

May 20, 2013


New York-based photographer Rä di Martino made a pilgrimage to the abandoned Star Wars film sets in central Tunisia. Dust, sand and wind have eroded the structures there, but the artist located them on Google Earth, proving that the Internet is useful for some things. She was able to capture Luke Skywalker's fictional home among other ruins.

Di Martino also created the short Petite histoire des plateaux abandonnès (Short History of Abandoned Sets) that looks at other forgotten film sets reclaimed by nature and the residents of the towns they exist in. The ghostly, but resilient fragments of architecture refuse to let cinema history die. A quick and random Google search indicates that Star Wars isn't well known in Tunisia, but places like the island of Djerba — where the Toshi Station and Ben’s hermitage are located — are resort/vacation hot spots. Let us know if you've ever visited the area, and dig into the eight-minute clip, below. [via Open Culture]






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