Watch: Seth Rogen Reveals the One Thing That Ties All His Movies Together

Watch: Seth Rogen Reveals the One Thing That Ties All His Movies Together

Jul 03, 2014

Pineapple Express

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ The Big Idea series interviews various creative people and asks them to identify a unifying theme in their work. The latest installment features Seth Rogen, who reveals the one thing that ties all his films together is the idea of friendship. And you thought it was going to be bodily function humor…

Rogen reveals lots of interesting tidbits in this three-minute clip, including the idea that the friendship element that colors all of his films is not only present because he thinks everything in life is better with a few pals around to enjoy it, but because it’s a relatively sweet thing that makes some of the other elements in his films more palatable. Pretty clever.

One of the most interesting moments comes when Rogen theorizes that his generation – which he dubs the “VHS kids” – developed their cinematic tastes based largely on the collection of movies owned by their parents. Rogen’s mother loved action flicks; his father loved comedies. Now Pineapple Express makes more sense to us.

Check out the clip above, which features Rogen waxing philosophical about his oeuvre while cutting in numerous scenes from his cinematic body of work.

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