Watch Seth Rogen Hilariously Explain the Bonkers Way James Franco Directed 'The Disaster Artist'

Watch Seth Rogen Hilariously Explain the Bonkers Way James Franco Directed 'The Disaster Artist'

Mar 13, 2017

From Daniel Day-Lewis remaining in character at all times while making his movies, to the wild stories that came from the set of Suicide Squad describing what it was like when Jared Leto remained in character as the Joker on and off the set, there are times when some actors decide to take their performances to the next bizarre level and go full method.

Now we can add a new bonkers story to Hollywood lore: James Franco directing The Disaster Artist while in character as The Room director and star, Tommy Wiseau.

The upcoming film, which stars Franco and his brother Dave Franco, as well as Seth Rogen and countless other familiar names (some of whom show up ever so briefly), is adapted from the book of the same name and essentially plays like a love letter to cult hit The Room, arguably tossed around as being the greatest bad movie ever made. Watch the original trailer for The Room below.

During its premiere at SXSW, the crowd loved it to pieces, and those of you who are fans of The Room and have followed its long, insane history, will adore the film and admire its commitment to recreating not just the film's most memorable moments, but also the unique friendship between Wiseau and co-star Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) at the heart of the film. It's a funny movie, but also heartfelt and a nod to anyone who's ever continued to chase their dream even when everything -- and everyone -- is against you and thinks you're a complete hot mess.

Following the premiere, the Franco brothers and Rogen took the stage for a hilarious Q&A, during which time Dave and Seth revealed that James legitimately directed the entire film in character as Tommy Wiseau. Watch what he had to say below.

Warning: Watch out for foul language


The Disaster Artist arrives in theaters later this year.

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