Watch: The Saddest Real-Life Superhero Battle You'll Ever See

Watch: The Saddest Real-Life Superhero Battle You'll Ever See

Oct 13, 2011

Recently the first trailer for The Avengers showed us a group of our favorite Marvel superheroes all decked out in their super-cool costumes, gearing up to fight a ridiculously intense battle against a villain who's hell-bent on destroying the world. There's explosions, and Scarlett Johansson wraps her legs around some dude's head -- it's all pretty sweet, and we look forward to watching it on the big screen this May. In real life, however, our superheroes aren't as lucky. They don't get big Hollywood budgets or villains with God-like powers. Instead, they get drunken girls who attack with their shoes.

We recently brought you the news that real-life superhero Phoenix Jones was arrested after he attacked a group of people with pepper spray. The people claim they were just dancing, while Jones said he was breaking up a fight and used his pepper spray only after they came after him. Now video has surfaced from the incident in question, thanks to Jones' own cameraman, which somewhat validates Jones' story, except it also shows us how silly and ridiculous the entire situation was to begin with. Nevertheless, those of you interested in seeing what a small-budgeted action sequence looks like for a real-life superhero (complete with overweight sidekick in a clown mask and a villain who attacks via shoe) can watch the video below ... and laugh ... and laugh ... and eventually get bored because the camera is too shaky. Enjoy!


Phoenix Jones Stops Assault from Ryan McNamee on Vimeo.

[via FilmDrunk]

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