Watch Ryan Gosling in Exciting New 'First Man' Trailer; Here's Everything We Know

Watch Ryan Gosling in Exciting New 'First Man' Trailer; Here's Everything We Know

Aug 29, 2018

First Man

We first heard about the prospect of Ryan Gosling portraying astronaut Neil Armstrong, best known as the first man to step foot on the moon, back in November 2015. Damien Chazelle was already set to direct the film. At the time, Gosling and Chazelle were working together on La La Land, which was released the following year and eventually earned six Academy Awards, including Best Director for Chazelle.

A new trailer for First Man has now been released and it looks absolutely thrilling. Check out everything we know about the film below and then watch the new trailer.

What's it about?

As we've reported previously, "the film will cover Armstrong's life through the 1960s leading to his famous first steps on the Moon in 1969. Josh Singer, who won an Oscar for his screenplay for Spotlight since that initial news, wrote the script based on James Hansen's book First Man: A Life Of Neil A. Armstrong, published in 2005 … Armstrong died in 2012.

"Among the man's life events on the way to space-traveller stardom was the tragic death of his young daughter in 1962. That is sure to be one of the hardships for Gosling to portray in the movie. We'll also see how his NASA missions affect the rest of his family, including his first wife, Janet.

"From Apollo 13 to Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Armstrong has already been portrayed on the big and small screen many times, some of them for obviously fictionalized accounts. First Man will be the most significant to focus specifically on Armstrong as the main character, though."

Who else stars?

Claire Foy (Unsane, The Girl in the Spider's Web) plays Neil Armstrong's first wife, Janet Armstrong. They were married in 1956 and had three children.

Corey Stoll and Lukas Haas play Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, respectively, who accompanied Armstrong on the historic mission in 1969. Aldrin also walked on the Moon, while Collins piloted the command module in lunar orbit.

Other real-life astronauts -- or astronauts in training -- include Pablo Schreiber (as Jim Lovell), Kyle Chandler (as Deke Slayton), Ethan Embry (as Pete Conrad, who later walked on the Moon), Jason Clarke (as Edward Higgins White), Brian d'Arcy James (as Joseph A. Walker), Patrick Fugit (as Elliott See), Christopher Abbott (as David Scott, who later walked on the Moon) and Shea Whigham (as Gus Grissom). Ciarán Hinds also stars.

When we can we see it?

Universal Pictures will open First Man in theaters on October 12, 2018.

Watch the new trailer below. 


Here's the first trailer. 

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