Watch: Robert Rodriguez Serves Up 'Two Scoops' of Monster-Killing Mayhem

Watch: Robert Rodriguez Serves Up 'Two Scoops' of Monster-Killing Mayhem

Jun 18, 2013

Two Scoops Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez has a rabid fanbase and he called upon them recently to help craft a short film entitled Two Scoops as part of Blackberry’s Keep Moving project. At long last, the collaborative effort is online for your perusal.

Rodriguez brings his signature style to the table in this 11-minute short about a pair of ice cream-slinging sisters who also happen to be monster hunters. When their father goes missing, the siblings fire up the ice cream truck, grab some state-of-the-art weaponry, and set out to kick monster ass.

The project garnered a lot of buzz thanks to fan involvement. Rodriguez turned to the denizens of the Internet for input on all kinds of major decisions, including coming up with a unique and badass weapon for the film’s ultimate showdown. It’s a labor of fan love that feels a little rough around the edges in spots, but should entertain you during your afternoon coffee break.

Have a gander at Two Scoops below and see what you think.

[via IndieWire]


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