Watch Robert De Niro as Bernie Madoff in 'The Wizard of Lies' Trailer

Watch Robert De Niro as Bernie Madoff in 'The Wizard of Lies' Trailer

Apr 14, 2017

How long has it been since Robert De Niro gave a really great performance? Maybe since his Oscar-nominated supporting turn five years ago in Silver Linings Playbook, right? But how long since his last truly great lead performance? It's been a while, which is why we're very excited about seeing him giving it all in the new trailer for HBO's The Wizard of Lies

In the made-for-cable feature, De Niro portrays Bernie Madoff, the notorious investment fraudster behind maybe the largest Ponzi scheme of all time. The actor has transformed himself a bit for the role, which makes the part reminiscent of his physical feat for Raging Bull. Perhaps this performance won't compare, and it won't even be qualified for an Oscar, but it does seem like it could be award-worthy all the same. 

Check out the trailer for The Wizard of Lies

This movie reunites De Niro with director Barry Levinson, whom he worked with on SleepersWag the Dog and What Just Happened (Levinson also has an executive producer credit for Analyze That). And reuniting the actor in the biopic is Michelle Pfeiffer, who plays Bernie's wife, Ruth Madoff (she previously played De Niro's wife in 2013's The Family), and Alessandro Nivolo as Bernie's son, Mark Madoff (he and De Niro were both in American Hustle but didn't share a scene).

This isn't the first Madoff biopic produced for the small screen. Richard Dreyfuss played the man in a two-part miniseries called Madoff last year (Blythe Danner was Ruth), while he's also been the subject of a number of documentaries, including one for PBS's Frontline series. 

The Wizard of Lies premieres on HBO on May 20




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