Watch: Ridley Scott's Son Luke Directs 'Loom,' a Short Film in the Style of 'Blade Runner'

Watch: Ridley Scott's Son Luke Directs 'Loom,' a Short Film in the Style of 'Blade Runner'

Aug 29, 2012

Loom poster Luke ScottDirector Luke Scott isn’t a household name yet, but the fledgling filmmaker (who’s the son of Ridley Scott and nephew of the late Tony Scott) appears destined to do great things if his new short film Loom is any indication.

The 20-minute sci-fi short is absolutely gorgeous, and probably even more amazing in 4K 3D – which was how the film debuted at industry event NAB 2012. It features Giovanni Ribisi playing a scientist who spends his days working to “grow” meat for humanity to eat, while his evenings are busy doing things far less legal.

Scott had previously directed the Peter Weyland TED Talk viral video for his father’s film Prometheus, but Loom is on a whole other level. The cinematography (courtesy of Dariusz Wolski) is stunning and Scott isn’t shy about weaving in little homages to other sci-fi classics (including his father’s Blade RunnerAlien and Kubrick’s 2001, among others). The influence of his famous family is pretty easy to spot in the film's visuals, as well. 

You can check out Loom below (and we highly recommend you do) or you can grab a higher quality download of the film from the RED Digital Cinema forum here. Be advised that the short does contain some not safe for work nudity.

Let us know what you think of Loom in the comment section below. Between this piece and his viral video work, Luke Scott looks like a filmmaker worth keeping an eye on. [via Deadline]


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